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{ tales of good fortune } makorin → LISTEN HERE + DOWNLOAD

01.// Dreams Showed by a Cloud of Dust - Yoko Shimomura 02.//  Baila Maria - Alabina 03.// Smooth - Santana04.// Sawwah - Aziza 05.// Aicha - Khaled - (tt remix) 06.// Fasateen - Mashrou’ Leila 07.// عيش تونسي - Jawhar & Shibatas 08.// The Book of My Life - Sting ft Anoushka Shankar
Anonymous sent: have you finished ken's social link? it's too cute.... <3

ummm it think it was 7? so i haven’t maxed it out yet ! (i’m looking forward to it now!) :D he’s such a precocious kid ^^

i haven&#8217;t finished the game yet but so far ken is a cutie




aksjhakjsh i love your comics so much they’re always so happy so i just wanted to say thank you and i hope you have a great day with cake, and makoharu ! ! ! O(≧▽≦)O


THANK YOU my dear !!!! 

idek doodle. i really like these outfits.

trixiedragon reblogged your photoset and added:

i have no art expertise but i love their poses and…

thank you so much! :D i’m glad it made you squee! i want to try and finish them as they’re my fav trio, i’ll get there eventually. i had no idea that anyone would pick up on the ace of hearts though, so cookie to you! ^^

{ like a bug in a web } makorin → LISTEN HERE + DOWNLOAD LINK

01.// The Ash is in our Clothes - Sleeping at Last 02.//  Someone - Future of Forestry 03.// Bug in a Web - CALLmeKAT04.// Such Great Heights - Iron and Wine 05.// Skinny Love - Birdy 06.// Wrapped in Piano Strings - Radical Face 07.// You Could Be Happy - Cameron Mitchell (Cover) 08.// Goes Without Saying - Anchor &amp; Braille 09.// Silhouettes - Sleeping at Last 10.//  Poison &amp; Wine - The Civil Wars 11.// Peices - Andrew Belle 12.// If You Find Her - Future of Forestry